Inspirational Garden & Lighting Tips And Ideas

Inspirational Garden & Lighting Tips And Ideas

Whether you’re working towards creating the perfect deck, simply want ideas for your patio or redesigning your deck from scratch, effective garden/landscape lighting is a must have. Bear in mind that even a little light goes a long way at night. Moreover, you can use lighting to highlight the best areas and take advantage of the night’s darkness to conceal less attractive areas. Here are a few tips to bear in mind when choosing lighting fixtures for your garden.

Experiment with A Torch

You can carry out an experiment before investing in lighting just to work out which areas of your garden will look the best well lit up. A torch will come in handy for this experiment. Take out your torch at night and shine it on different features such as plants, sculptures and pots to see how they’ll look when illuminated. Also, try the lighting from different angles to see how different they look. Water features are also a wonderful medium to light.

Positioning Garden Lights

One of the benefits of garden lighting is that you can focus on sculptures, plants and other works of art that accentuate your exterior landscape. Consider the different forms of lighting available in the market and break down your garden into sections/zones. For instance, major routes, decorative features, access paths, statement pieces and scheduled areas all require the most illumination, but will need to be treated differently to get the best results.

Use Spotlights to Highlight Features

For another brilliant lighting idea, try placing a spotlight at the base of an old stone or brick wall and see how the light travels up the wall and highlights the texture. A similar trick is to use wall lights at about 1.5 m above ground to provide practical illumination and highlight a beautiful space at the same time.

Uplight Trees

One of the best tricks is to uplight tress, especially those with interesting bark textures. For maximum impact, position a spotlight close to the base of the trunk so the light beam creates a play of shadow and shifting light up through the tree’s branches.

Light Up the Barbeque

If you’re a fun a barbeques, outdoor cooking and fun, you’ll want to think of creative ways to light your garden and brighten up your cooking area as well. Consider task lighting; a strategic spot that wont cast shadows over your cooking area or grill should do the trick.

Treat the Outdoors Like the Indoors

The trick here is to try and blend indoor and outdoor spaces. For instance, you can use pendant lighting and suspend them over an outdoor dining table or use a standard lamp outdoors adjacent to your patio lounge furniture.

There are plenty of different LED Lights to suit your style and preference. Don’t shy away from getting creative and think about ways to cut your energy bill with low-energy consumption or solar lighting. Nonetheless, seek professional help from garden lighting gurus and only hire an expert who can guarantee high-quality products and services.