Sarcococca humilis

Photos Sarcococca humilis - Watering Sarcococca humilis

continental : Letís water these plants only when there are prolonged droughts; if the weather is mild, we can water once every 2-3 weeks, using 1,5 litres of water, but only if the ground is completely dry.

alpine : During wintry months watering will be sporadic; we suggest irrigating only when the climate is mild and the ground is dry. If the temperatures are very harsh, we can interrupt watering, otherwise letís act every 3-4 weeks with 0,5 litres of water.

mediterranean : During the cold months watering takes place only during the mild days, letís avoid harsh, freezing days, by watering every 1-2 weeks or less with 2,5 litres of water.

Exposure Sarcococca humilis

continental : Locate this plant in a partially shady spot, where it can receive some hours of direct sunlight.
Winter minimum temperatures can cause damage to the the Sarcococca humilis , which can only stand short and not too harsh freezing; during this period of the year we suggest locating them in a cold greenhouse, or protect them from the wind and cold with a non-woven fabric.

alpine : Let's grow these plants in a partially shaded place, where they can receive direct sunrays just for a few hours a day.
The Sarcococca humilis can stand short frosts of scarce entity; during the winter we suggest locating it in a sheltered place, covering it with a non-woven fabric or moving it to a cold greenhouse.

mediterranean : The Sarcococca humilis can bear a few hours of direct insolagtion, but it is best to place it in a partially shady place.
The Sarcococca humilis can stand without problems minimum winter temperatures.

Fertilization Sarcococca humilis : During the winter itís not necessary to fertilize shrubs. Before the winter climate gets decisively harsh, we should remember to put some fertilizer to the evergreen shrubs, preferably using organic fertilizer.

Treatments Sarcococca humilis : Towards the end of the winter, before the buds get bigger, letís apply a defensive treatment against the most common fungi diseases, using a fungicide based on sulphur and copper.

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